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Line of job applicants waiting to take synergize! tests for hiring.

With the kind of investment you make in hiring, you need to hire carefully, and keep your top performers happy.

At synergize! we have the assessments, tools and services to help.



1.  Hire the Best Fit

  • Job analysis with validated competency identification process to ensure you’re looking for the right thing.
  • Assessments for hiring every position level to objectively assess your candidates – and give you an 87.5% likelihood they’ll succeed.
  • Applicant Processing System (APS) to streamline your screening. APS posts your position to several job boards and provides an electronic screening to qualify or disqualify applicants – using your criteria.

2.  Engage your employees

3.  Overcome dysfunction

  • Five dysfunctions training always includes the Team Assessment that actually diagnoses  any dysfunction that impacts your team.
  • Individual and team coaching provide support and guidance to help you get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

4.  Develop – individually and as a team


 If you’re tired of new hires who don’t work out and employees who seem burned out get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your challenges and how we can help. We’ll even give you a complimentary hour session to talk about what you need to build a great team!

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