Assessments – are they really worth the cost?


We know using assessments can be scary at first. And we know you have lots of questions. (So did we!) You want to know if they’ll really work, if they are really worth it, and how complicated they are to use.


Hopefully all of your questions will be answered below. But if they’re not please use our convenient contact form and let us know how we can help you. You can also call or e-mail so we can answer all your questions.



Do they really work?

It depends on what you mean by “really work.”


If you mean, “Are they 100% accurate so they’ll prevent me from ever making a bad hire again?” the answer is “no!”


But if you mean, “Will they provide me with useful objective information outlining how the candidates’ strengths and challenges will impact my position so I can make a better informed decision?” the answer is “yes!”


  • How can you be sure they really work?  Ask the US Department of Labor. (Download their Testing and Assessment Guide to Good Practices [PDF]). The DOL will tell you the use of objective assessments in the hiring process significantly increases hiring reliability. That’s because getting that objective information is the best way to conduct Job Matching, the DOL recommended process to match the candidate’s traits and abilities with your needs.  It’s not 100%; but matching the “whole person” with your needs gives you 87.5% reliability.  And that’s as good as it gets.
  • Are they really worth the investment?  If you’ve ever hired somebody that didn’t work out you know how valuable getting information up front would be to your bottom line. Assessments save you money by helping you avoid potential problem employees and enabling you to choose the best fit according to your top performer needs.
  • How do you know which ones to use?  Keep reading our “How to choose the right assessment!” You can also e-mail or call us. We guarantee to recommend the best assessment for your needs. And because we work with some of the top assessment publishers in North America we’re not limited to the tools from only one test provider.  So if you’re an international, multi-billion dollar company and you want to use a $75 assessment to hire your VP of Human Resources (a true story!), we’ll tell you that’s not the right tool.  But if you’re a small “mom and pop” company making your first hire we’ll also let you know our $524 package isn’t needed.
  • Aren’t they really expensive?  Not compared to the expense of making a bad hiring decision.  A 2011 CareerBuilder survey cited on revealed that 41% of companies surveyed said a bad hire costs them $25,000; and 25% of companies said it can be as high as $50,000.  Our assessment prices range from less than $75 to under $600 – less than a day’s wage for most positions. No matter how you look at it, they’re cost effective – and definitely worth the investment.
  • Are they legal?  Yes. Because they improve the reliability of your hiring process they provide even more legal safeguards than not using assessments. Assessments bring consistency, objectivity and science to hiring.  Consider this scenario: A client was beginning succession planning for an executive position that had been held by only one person in the 30-year history of the organization.  They had three internal candidates and their biggest concern was, “How can we tell these three really good employees that they need to take some assessments in order to be considered for the position?”  But the real question is, “How will you make an objective decision if they don’t take a test?”


That’s why we provide you with the information you need to make a decision whether assessments are right for you.


Call or e-mail us today to see if now is a good time to try assessments.


(Still nervous? Check out our synergize! guarantee!)


Questions to ask before using assessments:

  • What problem do you want to solve?
  • What information will assessments give you to help you solve the problem?
  • Is the cost of the assessments a good investment into finding a solution to your problem?
  • Is there a detailed technical manual to provide you proof that the assessment is valid? (This is not a letter from a psychologist stating the assessments are valid. This is the raw data regarding the process used to validate and ensure reliability of the tools. You probably don’t want to read it – but your assessment provider should be able to provide it!)
  • How are the assessments given?
  • How long does it take to for the candidate to finish the assessments and for you to receive results?
  • Is there any training involved in administering or interpreting results?
  • Can I administer them myself, or do I have to pay the provider to do it?
  • Does the assessment provider work with more than one test publisher, or are they limited to assessments from only one provider?
  • What guarantees does the assessment provider offer?


We hope you will contact us for more information on the solutions we can provide to help you energize your workforce!



How do I choose the right assessment?

For help selecting the right assessment, check out our “Select” page.


But the best way to choose the right assessment is to contact us!



Here are some of the questions we’ll ask to get started:


  1. Is this an hourly position?
  2. Does the role require a lot of routine?  Or is there a high need for frequent complex problem-solving?
  3. What is the salary range for this position?
  4. Are there management or supervisory responsibilities?
  5. What is the likely impact – on your team, on your company, on your bottom line – if you make a bad hiring decision?
  6. Is there growth opportunity in this position?

There is no doubt that assessments will fit in smoothly with your hiring process to provide you with objective data to make an informed decision.


And there is no doubt that synergize! assessments will provide you with cost-effective, reliable tools to find the best fit.


Resources for TEST TAKERS

We know you have questions, too!  That’s why we have a Test Taker Resource page to answer your questions!  If you have more, feel free to use our convenient contact form, call or e-mail so we can answer your questions, too.