The Lifecycle of an Employee


Remember your first day on the job? You were so excited about starting you probably arrived with pencils sharpened like the first day of school (at least figuratively!).


But no matter how much experience you had doing the same job somewhere else; you still didn’t know how to do the job for that company. So although you were highly motivated, you were not yet competent.


That is the first stage in the Lifecycle of an Employee: Motivated but Not Yet Competent. Even if the job was at McDonald’s, a franchise that is the same wherever you go, you had to learn the ins and outs of making that manager happy.


Recognizing the Lifecycle of an Employee is important in energizing your workforce. De-motivated employees take their toll on everyone. You need to be able to make the tough decisions when an employee hits stage three.


See below for a graph of the Lifecycle of an Employee:

Employee Lifecycle


In Stage Three employees start hanging around the water cooler and taking long lunches. If you don’t get them back to Stage Two their de-motivation and lack of engagement will spread.


If employees get to Stage Four they will leave, either by choice or you will eventually fire them. But in the meantime they can wreak havoc with your workforce!


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