Do you love going to work every day? (We do!)

At synergize! we believe that every place can be a great place to work – where employees are energized and engaged; workforces are effective and productive, and everybody loves going to work!

Our mission is to help you create that kind of team.


We help you: 

  1. Hire candidates with the best potential to be top performers.
  2. Engage employees, keeping them committed to you.
  3. Overcome team dysfunctions that not only make you miserable, but that also impact effectiveness – and your bottom line.
  4. Develop top performers and cohesive teams to reach their potential.


Our Values

  • Integrity. We promise to recommend exactly what you need, and we’ll always be able to tell you why.
  • Authenticity. What you see is what you get! We own it when we blow it!
  • Respect. We respect each individual’s right to self-determination, to become the best s/he can be in the way s/he needs to do it.
  • Giving back. Marilyn and Sarah both give back to the community in many ways…Marilyn provides free training for women in transition and serves on the Board of Directors for Clare House and on the Advisory Council of New Choices. She is also the founding partner of the KEE to Your Future Women’s Mentor Program for women who are re-entering the workforce or looking for a position of greater responsibility. Sarah is a Girl’s On The Run coach and started the Lancaster movement for 100 Women Who Care (which then spawned 100 Men Who Care, too!). They are both runners who have raised money for non-profits through half-marathons and marathons (okay, the marathons were Sarah, not Marilyn.)
  • Making a difference. Any day when we positively impact the people whose lives we touch is a Very Good Day.
  • Enthusiasm. What else do two high I’s have if not enthusiasm? (If you aren’t sure what that means try our complimentary DISC and you’ll find out!)

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