Why synergize!

Everybody says they provide good products and excellent customer service. So we know we can’t differentiate ourselves from our competition by trying to convince you ours is the best.


Seven Really Good Reasons To Work With synergize! Instead of the “Other Guys.”


  1. We provide solutions. We don’t just offer assessments. One of our recent solutions was to help a client create an effective, year-and-a-half succession plan for their outgoing president & CEO. We did 360 evaluations on their four VP’s, identifying strengths and opportunities for growth for each. Then we provided individual coaching to each of the four executives. When the successor was chosen from among the four, coaching focused on making the transition while she gradually took over responsibilities under the mentorship of the outgoing president.
  2. We offer the best of the best. We don’t just offer the best assessments from some of the top publishers across the country. We help you overcome the dysfunctions that impact your team. One client referred to Marilyn as “a psychotherapist for businesses!” She is an expert at diagnosing team dysfunctions using the Patrick Lencioni Five Dysfunctions of a Team model, and helping teams overcome the dysfunctions that most significantly impact their bottom line.
  3. We love what we do. And it shows in our service, enthusiasm, commitment to our clients and joy when they accomplish the results they set out to achieve.
  4. We’re good at what we do. Marilyn’s background and experience as a psychotherapist adds an additional dimension to understanding your workforce. And she loves sharing her expertise in evaluating human personality and behavior with you to ensure that your team is synergized!
  5. We listen to you. We know your issues are unique. But we know how to find the best resolution for your needs. (And if we can’t, we’ll tell you! When we couldn’t provide an assessment for a law enforcement agency in GA, we found one and recommended it!)
  6. Our solutions are customized. Companies often think they want a test for “car salesmen” (or “insurance sales,” or “IT manager”) but we know that a car or insurance sales person or an IT manager for your company is different from a car or insurance sales person or IT manager for Company B. YOU tell us what’s important to YOU. And we’ll tell you how to measure it.
  7. Our solutions feed your bottom line. Need to hire a supervisor? We’ll help you look at how that position contributes to your strategic goals to define exactly what you need. Want to be sure you’re hiring the best fit? We’ll help you save money by not hiring somebody you’ll later regret.

We do have great products, and excellent customer service. Our clients repeatedly tell us they think we are the best!

Contact us today to see how our online personality, behavior and skills assessments can help you hire, engage and develop top performers, and overcome dysfunctions that make people not want to go to work. You’ll be glad you did!

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