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What’s Your Finish Line?

Posted in: Goal setting, Overcome  on May 13, 2014

There I was … on the home stretch of a four-mile race. Which, for me, was simply four miles of more-running-than-walking along a river trail with a few hundred other people who were mostly running and trying to get to the end as fast as they could, which was much faster than I was going. As I was looking down at the ground a man passed me saying, “OH – I am so sorry! You had me the whole way!” When I looked up I saw the Finish Line just around the corner. I saw him speed across the Finish Line ahead of me. (NOTE: I use the word “speed” loosely in this case. We were, after all, both near 60 at the time.)

Finish Lines are really important. They give us a destination. They help us measure our progress and know how far we have to go. And they feel really good when we cross them.

Kali and Lilah at marathon race

I often use racing as a metaphor for life and business: Know what your Finish Line is. Know why you want to cross it. Know how it feels when you do.

As with racing, life often gives us obstacles and challenges. We get worn out. Our feet hurt. We think we can’t get through whatever the hurdle is. The first few miles of a marathon might feel pretty good. But at mile 12 you might think you can’t make it. And at mile 19 you might be ready to quit. What do you do then? If you know how the Finish Line feels you keep going. Maybe you have to change your strategy or your tactics. Maybe you have to walk a little. But you keep going. Because you know how it feels to cross the Finish Line.

Now Joe DeSena has written a whole book using the metaphor of racing to overcome life’s obstacles. SPARTAN UP! is his “take-no-prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in life.” The Spartan Up approach helps you change your frame of reference to view obstacles and difficulties as an opportunity for growth to get to the end; to the Finish Line.

Check out Joe’s book, and contact us at synergize! if you’re interested in Marilyn’s workshop called “Beyond Goal-Setting – What’s holding you back?” We’d love to help you define your Finish Line and what you need along the way to make it to the end.

(The photo above is my daughter, Kali, with my granddaughter, Lilah. Her fourth marathon, Kali had just completed the Richmond Marathon in 3 hours, 55 minutes and 58 seconds, achieving her goal of a “sub-four [hour]” marathon. Kali knows what it feels like to cross the Finish Line and I could not be more proud of her!)

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