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synergize! helps you develop top performing individuals and teams.

Engaged employees help your bottom line.


Is it time to develop your team?


synergize! has a number of tools to help you focus on where you want to go – not where you are now – how you want to get there and how to develop as an individual and a team to take you there.


1.  Individual and team coaching. Coaching isn’t just for tennis players and football teams. It’s for you if you own a business, work in a business, would like to start a business or have no idea what kind of business you would even like. Coaching is for anyone – individual or team – who dimly sees a future different from the present and who has no idea how to cross the chasm between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Coaching is for you if you want to develop your potential.

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2.  Development Assessments. Assessments aren’t just for hiring. Development assessments help you “understand” to get a handle on how to “develop.” (Check out our page on Coaching!) Development reports can help define the gap between who you are and where you are going. The “360” feedback provides an objective view of how others perceive your talents and non-talents. And they all provide some tips for how to get from here … to where you want to be.

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3.  Presentations, training and workshops. synergize! has a reputation for providing stimulating, motivating and down-to-earth presentations, training and workshops to help individuals and teams develop their potential. (But don’t take our word for it – check out what other people say!) All training can be customized for your needs.

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Whether you’re looking to develop personally, or to develop a dysfunctional work group into a cohesive team, synergize! has tools that will help you accomplish your goals. Get in touch for a complimentary session and we’ll recommend just what you need. For real!




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