Development Assessments

Assessments aren’t just for hiring.


synergize! development assessments are excellent tools to grow top performers.

They also help you – and your team – develop your potential.


Top performers want the opportunity to develop their potential. This increases their commitment and loyalty to the organization, which translates to higher engagement, which translates to a strong bottom line.

The Aberdeen Group 2009 report on using development assessments reported:

  • A 32% increase in productivity with “best-in-class companies” (top 20%)
  • A 4% increase in “industry standard” companies (middle 50%)
  • A 7% decrease In “laggard” companies (bottom 30%)

Development assessments are a good investment for your team. If you’ve used assessments in your hiring process then you already have valuable information at your fingertips!


synergize! offers a variety of in-depth online assessments to give you the information you and your employees need to create a meaningful development plan. We can also help you use reports from online assessments you used for hiring to gain development insights.


If you want to develop an employee’s potential, if you know you have what it takes and just want to develop more of it (or if you aren’t sure you do have what it takes!)  contact us. We promise to recommend just the right tool or tools to give you the information you need!


Development Assessments



The ASSESS Development Report provides individuals with the information they need to grow and develop their potential.

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The ASSESS 360 and Focus 360 provide anonymous feedback from a number of sources: boss, peers, direct reports and others.

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SalesMax Development Report provides feedback on personality factors that help or hinder effectiveness in sales, enabling you to target learning and training efforts.

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The Target Training International Behaviors & Motivators report that measures behavior style and primary motivators, is useful for personal and team development.

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The Emotional Quotient (EQ) measures emotional intelligence, or your ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

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Target Training International’s new Workplace Stress Assessment offers insight into seven stress factors people often experience at work: Demands, Effort/Reward Imbalance, Control, Change, Manager, Social Support and Job Security. It also offers some insights into addressing high stress areas.

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The Prevue Job Fit Test measures cognitive ability, job task interests plus twelve personality scales. Prevue is available in screening, selection (with customized top performer benchmarks), development and succession planning versions.

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