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DISC measures the “how” of who you are – the way you do things – in four dimensions: Problems, People, Pace and Procedures

Is the report 100% true?

Yes, no and maybe! DISC only measures tendencies in our behavior, and behavior is adaptable. Behavior also represents a very small part of who we are – and, because it is observable, a very big part of how other people see us. We tend to judge other people’s behavior through our behavior lens:

  • Some people might think we’re intimidating if we tend to be direct and to-the-point.
  • They think we talk too much or are not serious enough if we get energized and enthusiastic talking to people.
  • Others can find us aloof if we are private and prefer not to wear our emotions on our sleeves.
  • Yet others consider the lack of being detail-oriented a character flaw.

Once we understand our own behavior we can better understand other people’s behaviors. On a team (or in a family!) this decreases misunderstandings and unproductive conflict.

And DISC does a lot more … it is a valuable tool in the hiring process, a stellar team-building tool, excellent to use in addressing conflict or communication issues and great for understanding how to motivate and manage your workforce!

Check out a sample DISC and contact us if you are ready to try one – on us! – to see what difference DISC can make with your team!

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