Disengaged employees cost you a lot of money.

Stop wasting money on poor performing employees with synergize! tools and services.

synergize! can help you figure out if you have any working for you

A disengaged employee – one who is not emotionally connected or committed to your organization – can cost you a lot of money. They work at 50% capacity (you pay them for 100%), get less done, take more time off and bring the whole workforce down. They’re the ones you work really hard to help and hope they’ll engage.

They don’t. (Check out our Lifecycle of an Employee.)

An engaged employee isn’t just motivated to do the job. She is emotionally committed to the organization and willing to use her discretionary energy for the good of the organization. She is a contributing member of a productive team.

High employee engagement is strongly correlated with high organizational success.

Here are two ways synergize! can help you engage your employees without breaking the bank:

  1. Employee Engagement Surveys. Where do your employees fall on the Lifecycle of an Employee? Do you know if they are engaged, or not? synergize! can customize an employee engagement survey to help you learn their level of commitment – and how you can increase it.
  2. Customized On-boarding Process. Hiring the best fit is the just the beginning. What you do with that new employee before the first day, on the first day and in the days following  has a lot to do with their success and contribution to your company. synergize! can customize an on-boarding process aimed at the specific employee and your team.
    Check out a sample on-boarding plan for a sales position. (Want to create your own? Try out our On-boarding Template!)

If you are tired of working harder than your employees to get them motivated, get in touch today. We’ll schedule a free consultation and suggest the best tools for what you need. 

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