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synergize! employee engagement surveys help you get the most out of your team.

Want to know how engaged your employees are?

Ask them!

The best way to find something out is to ask. Right? So why not ask your employees how they feel about working there?

Employee engagement is the difference between an energized workforce and one that goes through the motions, getting things done but not really accomplishing great results. Engaged employees enjoy coming to work.  They are not just motivated, they are committed to spend their time wisely, use their energy productively to get the job done and care about the best interests of the company and the team.

synergize! uses a foundation of research from SkillSoft, The Aberdeen Group, Gallup and the Employee Engagement Network to customize surveys that find out what you want to know.

Check out our sample employee engagement survey for a small non-profit and an employee engagement survey for a large metropolitan transit authority to get an idea of the kind of information we can learn about your team.

You might also be interested in our low-cost (or no cost!) ways to increase employee engagement!

If your employees come in a little late and leave a little early, with a lot of hanging out by the copy machine in the middle, you’re probably paying them for a lot more than they’re giving you. Contact us about our employee engagement surveys to learn how to improve the level of engagement – and productivity – on your team. 






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