Applicant Processing System

Transform the way you screen applicants

APS from synergize! is an easy way to screen a group of applicants like these.

Getting a lot of applicants can be a great problem to have!


But reading all those resumes can also be exhausting AND time-consuming.

That’s where Prevue APS-Pro comes in.

APS-Pro is a simple-to-use applicant processing system developed (and affordable) for small and medium-sized businesses. APS-Pro posts your jobs to several free job boards, electronically screens an unlimited number of applicants using your job-specific criteria and provides a searchable database of everyone who applies with your company.

With APS-Pro you will:

  • Auto-post to several job boards to get more applicants
  • Weighted job-specific questions give each applicant a Screening Score
  • Compare applicants to each other by ranking them according to their scores
  • Auto disqualify applicants that do not meet your customized, job-specific criteria
  • Keep applicant information in one place with access to everyone in the hiring process
  • Full integration with your website OR use it for 30 days for one position, any number of applicants
  • Collect EEOC data, track and search for applicants in the applicant database


Two ways to purchase APS-Pro:

  1. A 30-day post for one position screens an unlimited number of applicants.
  2. An annual license screens an unlimited number of applicants, for an unlimited number of positions! (Pricing is based on number of FTE’s. You’ll be surprised to learn how affordable pricing is!)

APS-Pro can be purchased by itself, to use with other online assessment tests for hiring, or automatically include the Prevue Job Fit test that measures cognitive abilities, job task interests and personality traits.

Contact us today to learn more about APS-Pro and schedule a free demo to learn how APS-Pro can transform your hiring process!

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