Job Analysis: Endorsed by the US Department of Labor.

Job Analysis: A proven process to help you hire smart, hire right.

A job analysis with synergize! helps you know exactly what to look for.

The US Department of Labor recommends a Job Analysis to help you know what you’re looking for when you hire.

Start with a Job Analysis to create an environment where everybody loves going to work!  A Job Analysis helps you hire people who will love to work in your company for your position and on your team.

Three Ways to do a Job Analysis!

1.  Contact us!  We’ll walk you through the process and leave you with a detailed job description and validated qualifications!

2.  Do it yourself with our free Job Analysis Template

3.  Use the questions below to get started on your own job analysis!

Subject Matter Experts play a key role in completing a Job Analysis.  They are team members who are familiar with where you are going and/or understand the role you are trying to fill.  The 10 questions below will give you a clear picture of what to look for.

 10 questions to ask when you do a Job Analysis: 

1. Where do you want to go?  This is your business.  What does the “finish line” look like when you’ve finished creating it?  

2. How will this position help you get there? It doesn’t need a job title, but you must have an idea of how this position will help you accomplish your goals and cross your “finish line.”

3. List position responsibilities:  Identify measurable results to be achieved. How will you know when they’re achieved?

4. Describe: the role this position plays in your organization.  For example, the role of Guest Services in a hotel  is to make people feel welcomed. Lot of tasks are needed to accomplish that. 

synergize! helps hire guest services staff who are friendly.

5. Identify the tasks a top performer does to get the job done.

6. Prioritize “hard skills” that contribute to successfully completing job tasks. (Computer? Writing? Speaking? Spacial alignment?)

7. Prioritize “soft skills” – personality traits, emotional intelligence, etc – that contribute to success.  (Resilience? Sociability? Creativity?)

8. Which competencies are most important for the successful candidate? A competency is a combination of what we know, what we can do and who we are that contributes to behaviors that will ensure success.

9. If all of what you have identified are important, how would you prioritize What is most important?

10. Compare the skills, traits and competencies with each responsibility and job task. This ensures validity – If they apply, it’s valid!  If they don’t, re-evaluate.  (If you need help?  Call us at 717.399.8288 (ask for synergize! or ext 113).


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Think it’s a little overwhelming? Not to us!

Contact us and we’ll talk with you about how a Job Analysis can help you know what to look for the next time YOU hire! You might even want our free Job Analysis Template to walk you through the process! We can help you get this done in a shorter amount of time so you can move on to getting the right person hired!  

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