42% of work groups are dysfunctional.

synergize! dysfunction #2: unproductive conflict.

Is yours one of them?

Here are six signs of a dysfunctional work group so you can tell if you suffer from any of the five dysfunctions of a team:

  1. You live for the weekend,
  2. And you hate Mondays.
  3. You come in later, and leave earlier, every day. 
  4. Conflict is about individuals, not issues (“You always …!”)
  5. Meetings are boring. (Gossip after the meeting? Not so boring!)
  6. “I’m better than that.” People refuse to empty the fridge or clean the break room that everybody uses, or anything else they think is beneath them.


Don’t just guess if your group is dysfunctional.

Our Team Assessment can help you recognize the dysfunctions that are holding you back! (And if you think the Team synergize! dysfunction #2: fear of conflictAssessment is awesome check out the Team Assessment Comparison Report (here is a real life Comparison Report Summary) that serves as a follow-up comparison.


Then check out our five dysfunctions (“5D”) training and programs to see which one might help you overcome the dysfunctions that plague your work place to become a cohesive team.


Or contact us today for a complimentary 1-hour coaching call to discuss how you can create a team where everybody loves going to work!


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