“When my position was eliminated, I lost direction as well as confidence. I did a DISC assessment with Marilyn and learned about my strengths and challenges to guide my efforts in finding not just a new job but a fulfilling one. She deciphered the assessment and helped me see a future through a new lens. Marilyn offered support through the coaching process and helped me see that I would be OK even when I was unsure. She helped me regain my confidence and sense of value, and helped me create a vision of possibility and promise. Marilyn walks the walk; she not only helps you create your vision of success, she gives you the tools to make it happen. I will be forever grateful to Marilyn for her guidance, her professionalism and her confidence in me.”

—Christi Beazley, Food Service Consultant - Carol Gilbert Consulting, Lancaster, PA

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial in support of Marilyn Walker and her talents as a speaker. Marilyn is a desired speaker by The Lancaster Chamber for multiple opportunities through out the year, including our Professional Women’s Forum. Held every year in October with 200 + attendees, Marilyn is always requested to speak because of her vast knowledge of workforce trends and her abilities to engage the audience. Her style and grace while presenting displays her passion and enthusiasm to those who have the privilege of hearing her speak.”

—Sandi Thompson, Business Services Liaison - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn has a wonderful gift for making all her sessions very interesting and informative. She brings her knowledge and great sense of humor to these sessions, and I ALWAYS leave them feeling energized and better equipped to tackle various situations in the workplace and in my personal life. I would highly recommend you give Marilyn consideration as speaker at your upcoming events.”

—Barb Armstrong, Sales/Business Development - Red Rose Pool Service, Lancaster, PA

“I encourage any man or woman to check out Marilyn Walker’s Gender Differences/Shattering Assumptions workshop. You will surely walk away with a smile on your face and at least one thing you didn’t know before!”

—Tim Lapp, President - Lapp Electric, Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn spoke at our recent Celebrating Women in Business event at the American Business Women's Association and did a fantastic job. She had the participants involved and engaged. Marilyn provided us with great tools to help achieve both personal and professional goals. What an inspiration!!! Thanks again Marilyn!”

—Gretchen White, National Business Development - Autoslide of America, Tampa, FL

“Thank you for your invigorating and motivating address to the ABWA group at Bent Creek Country Club. As a mother of seven and a business owner, I have felt more inspired and uplifted since, as I've moved forward professionally and personally.”

—Beth Yvette Strange, Image Consultant & Owner - Your Image Works, Oxford, PA

“Marilyn Walker is a gifted speaker. I have found her insights about personalities and styles and how they affect the workplace to be insightful. She presents clear and practical steps to improve interpersonal relationships and demonstrate strong leadership skills.”

—Jeni Heckman, Human Resources Coordinator - Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA

“I have had the good fortune to attend several of Marilyn's presentations. Marilyn's presentation style is relaxed, professional, and fun. She creates a good energy within the group, encourages audience participation and questions, and consistently delivers a well thought out message. I invited Marilyn to come speak to a group at my company recently on women and success. Following her presentation, we had two new mentoring relationships develop, several women found new ways to challenge themselves at work, and I received many positive comments and requests to bring Marilyn back again to speak. I would give Marilyn my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a professional, engaging, speaker. She is one of the best!”

—Christina Myers, Director of Human Resources - Marketing Services & HR Programs, Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. - Mountville, PA

“Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of hearing Marilyn present on several occasions, covering a variety of topics. I can attest that her delivery is solid, engagement with the audience is exceptional and her personality is effervescent. I have recommended Marilyn to many of my associates and will continue to do so in the future.”

—Scott Charney, Nxtbook Media, Duke of Solutions

“Our relationship with Marilyn Walker has spanned nearly a decade. She is a masterful speaker always taking full command of her topic based on extensive research. She has presented for us on numerous occasions to groups of various sizes. She is interesting, engaging, and never at a loss for thoughtful words. Her style is comfortable for all audiences. She understands how to deliver an effective message based on the composition of listeners. Without hesitation I am happy to recommend Marilyn. I’m confident in her abilities as a professional and know any audience would leave her presentation well satisfied.”

—Donna Anderson, President & Publisher - Online Publishers, Columbia, PA

“Marilyn Walker is a dynamic speaker! She keeps the audience engaged and gives us much “food for thought” to walk away with.”

—Paula Poole, Director of People Development and Human Resources - Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn is a captivating speaker with a talent for using her real life experiences to teach, inspire and motivate. Whenever I hear her speak, I’m sure to walk away with valuable new pearls of information to apply in both my career and personal lives. She’s a real dynamo!”

—Lynne Zanowski, Marketing Director - Hartz Physical Therapy, Lancaster, PA

“I love listening to Marilyn Walker speak. She has this wonderful way of asking really tough questions to the audience and making you think about what she's covering. Her lessons stick with you for a long time and she provides so much value with her knowledge, wisdom and experience.”

—Jasmine Grimm, Ruby, Inc., Owner

“You can leave your watch behind when you are listening to Marilyn speak, because you won’t be checking it to see when she will be done! Marilyn is engaging, passionate, and excellent at connecting with her audience. I have heard her speak on various topics and each time she was fresh, inspiring, and a joy to listen to. Her enthusiasm is contagious and (very important to me) genuine. I am in sales and can smell a fake but with Marilyn you get the real deal.”

—Cathy David, Director, Business Development - Laser Lab, Ephrata, PA

“Our five dysfunctions training brought out issues causing conflict and provided practical solutions. I really liked the way you could bring people back on task. You caught miscues quickly and addressed them.”

—Dale McMichael, President - Executive Coach, Willow Street, PA

“I think everything we’ve done in our Five Dysfunctions training has been positive. I appreciate the follow up with you. Often when you complete a workshop most people think you’re just done. With this process it keeps everybody fresh and keeps our goals in front of us. Kudos to you for your follow up and the program you’ve put in place.”

—Shane Todd, Scheduling & Purchasing Manager - Double D Foods, Oklahoma City, OK

“ This five dysfunctions training was an excellent workshop. You were very knowledgeable on the subject and easy to interact with, and you kept us on track. The Thematic Goal and Commitment session was very helpful! The team has a lot of positive feedback which influences my willingness to recommend you. I am very glad I selected you! Your 5 dysfunctions training helped me see how a competent team can become even more effective. ”

—Ralph Julius, Co-Founder, Business Operations - SplashFlood, Westchester, PA

“I posted our Communication Guide from doing the DISC assessment right next to my computer. When somebody comes in I look at that to jog my memory as to how to communicate with them in a meaningful way. It’s real stuff and it helps and it works.”

—John Fischer, Plant Manager - Double D Foods, Oklahoma City, OK

“I have attended many self-improvement, team training seminars over the past 15 years. Our DISC workshop held this past Saturday with synergize! was awesome! It is very rare to have someone absolutely love what they do. You DO and it showed in the excellent way you facilitated the instruction, and provided priceless insight for us in so many areas. I listened intently to every question asked by our team, and your answers were like watching a book chock full of knowledge and plenty of heart, come to life. You made a dramatic difference for us in just one day; I look forward to using more of your services, because I know the return on investment is a sure thing. Thank you!”

—Diane McCracken, Master Mind Team Distributor - Shaklee, Exton, PA

“This hiring workshop series is one of the best workshops we have had in years.”

—Lou Davenport, SCORE, Lancaster, PA

“I was very wrong about this being just a bunch of touchy-feely stuff.  This is extremely analytical information and so valuable to have for your business. Here are two takeaways that I am going home with from our hiring workshop series: 1. There is a proven process to identify and assess your employees. 2. Small businesses can't afford to NOT use assessments when they hire. ”

—Lou Davenport, SCORE, Lancaster, PA

“I have consulted with Marilyn for all my hiring and staff development needs for multiple hires. She has given me the information I need to hire and place employees to our mutual benefit. When you use Marilyn to consult on your team you get someone who cares about your success”

—David Deckard, President - Centerville Lawn & Landscape, Lititz, PA

“I don’t think I’ll ever hire anybody without these assessments ever again. It’s definitely a time-saver and provides the information you need to make a good decision.”

—Pete Cullen, Vice President - Wohler, USA, Boston, MA

“Marilyn takes the guess work out of hiring! I’ve used Marilyn Walker for a number of successful employment hires, including crafting a new position and hiring for that too. Marilyn is extremely knowledgeable with the assessment side of the people business. Personable , energetic and a quick study, Marilyn provides numerous insights on how to measure responses specific to my employment needs, and how to go about interviewing potential employees for a successful placement.”

—Cindy Fields, Vice President - ABC Keystone, Mount Joy, PA

“At Keystone Collections we use Synergize assessments in our hiring process to help us get the right people in the right positions.  This translates to success for the employee, the team and the company.  Marilyn has an uncanny ability to read the assessment results and understand what people will really be like so we know what we’re getting before we make a decision.”

—James Martin, Owner - Martin's Wood Products & Keystone Collections, Myerstown, PA

“People are very, very happy with what’s happening in our company.”

—Roy Krull, Director of Human Resources - Downs Food Group, Mankato, MN

“The DISC session was a very self realizing session. There were some elements of the results that I didn't think were so positive, but can also be valuable in certain settings. Recognizing where our faults are, and how we are perceived, is important to successful communication. I also found out that unconsciously I am altering myself to adapt to my work environment - and was able to identify the reasons behind it. This was very helpful.”

—Anonymous participant - Leadership Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

“I've had this DISC assessment done several times, but this was the most thorough explanation that I have had to date. I thought [the exercise we did] was a valuable visual tool.”

—Anonymous participant - Leadership Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

“I really thought the DISC profile information was my a-ha moment. It gave me insight into how others may perceive me and how my communication skills can be improved.”

—Anonymous participant - Leadership Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

“I LOVED Saturday's DISC session. I found it fascinating and extremely educational on many different levels. I learned a lot about myself and why I am who I am. I learned that my gut reactions to people are pretty dead on and it made total sense to me that I gravitate to people who are very similar to my natural style. I would put money on it that I could pick those people out before the results were even shared.”

—Anonymous Leadership Lancaster participant, Lancaster, PA

“This hiring workshop and DISC session has been so eye opening! I can understand now why I have trouble communicating with so many of my employees.”

—Mike Rettew, Owner - Mikes Landscaping & Lawncare, Lititz, PA

“Thanks so much for participating in our DISC training program. I don’t have to tell you what a great presenter you are, the enclosed reviews do that for you. Your presentation was beautifully done and your knowledge and passion for the subject of behavior in the workplace came through. You are a super star! Thanks so much for making us look good!”

—Glenda Machia, Director of Development & Communicaitons - Community First Fund, Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn brings a high energy, interesting and well-researched presentation that will keep everyone in the room engaged. Experienced HR professionals down to mom and pop operators will benefit from her material. In a day when more leaders are recognizing the importance and value of hiring right, and maintaining a healthy business culture, Marilyn delivers spot on insights and practical solutions.”

—Steve Wolgemuth, CEO - YDOP Internet Marketing, Lancaster, PA

“I have been impressed with Marilyn from the first time I met her! She is extremely professional and always delivers. She has a unique way of instilling confidence and helping you to believe in yourself, both professionally and personally. Each time I have come away with a new way of thinking as she challenged me in every way possible! I would highly recommend her services.”

—Nora Weder, Director of Business Development - Leslie Vocational Consulting, Lancaster, PA